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Hi-Potions are a recovery item that appear in many Final Fantasy games, and they first appear in Final Fantasy II. Hi-Potions are an upgrade to regular Potions, which means that they restore more HP, although not as much as X-Potions. Like other Potions, the amount of HP that a Hi-Potion restores is different in most games.


Final Fantasy II[edit]

In Final Fantasy II, Hi-Potions are very common items which are sold in every Item Shop. Each one costs 150 gil (500 in the original Famicom and Final Fantasy Origins's Hard Mode), and they can each be sold for 75 gil (250 in the Famicom and Final Fantasy Origins's Hard Mode).

Ways to obtain a Hi-Potion
Item Shops: All of them
Treasure chests: Semitt Falls (B2), Dreadnought (2F), Castle Fynn (1F), Tropical Island (B2), Cave of Mysidia (B5), Jade Passage (B5), Raqia (B4, B5)
Enemies: Black Knights, Catoblepas, Death Riders, Flan Princesses, General Borghen, Lamia Matriarchs, Malboros, Malboro Terras
Other: Hi-Potions are among the rewards for completing the hidden minigame, Concentration.

Final Fantasy remakes[edit]

Like Phoenix Down, Hi-Potions only appear in the Final Fantasy remakes starting with Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls. They restore 150 HP to one of the Warriors of Light. Hi-Potions are sold in the last four Item Shops, where they each cost 150 gil each and can be sold for 75 gil. A few Hi-Potions are found in treasure chests, although in Whisperwind Cove, there are several treasure chests which contain a Hi-Potion.

Ways to obtain a Hi-Potion
Item Shops: Crescent Lake, Gaia, Onrac, Whisperwind Cove (B1–B9)
Treasure chests: Mount Gulg (B2), Earthgift Shrine (B1), Hellfire Chasm (B2, B7), Lifespring Grotto (B1, B4, B14, B18), Whisperwind Cove (B5, B7, B11, B12, B21, B24, B25, B27, B32, B36)
Enemies: Green Slimes, Knockers, White Crocs
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