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A completed game of Concentration in the PlayStation Portable version
Not to be confused with the spell, Concentrate.

Concentration[1] is a minigame featured in the Final Fantasy II remakes, starting with Final Fantasy Origins. As directly stated from the title, it is a simple game of concentration. It is a hidden minigame and can be considered the successor to the 15 Puzzle from Final Fantasy.

To access the minigame, the party must be in the Snowcraft. While they are in it, the player must hold down "X" and press the "Circle" button 15–20 times (or 22 times in the PlayStation Portable version). In the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls remake, they must hold the B button and press the A button 22 times.


A completed game of concentration in the Final Fantasy Origins release

There are eight pairs, making there a total of sixteen cards, which are arranged on a 4x4 grid. Each pair depicts a party member. Once all pairs are matched, the party is rewarded gil with one or two items. The prize(s) and gil rewarded is determined by how many misses the player did in the game, so having zero misses yields the highest reward while 10 or more misses yield the lowest reward. If a character has upgraded their Toad spell to level 16, the cards depict the party members in their Toad form. Higher rewards are given for completing a game with toad panels.

If the player completes a concentration puzzle and repeatedly restart and immediately exit the game 31 times (without leaving the game screen), they can access the 32nd layout, which is always identical to the first. As such, this decreases the likelihood of mistakes if the player has memorized the placement of every pair in the first challenge.


Character panels[edit]

Misses Gil rewarded Item(s) rewarded
0 misses 20,000 gil Elixir, Cottage
1 miss 15,000 gil Elixir
2 misses 10,000 gil Phoenix Down, Cottage
3 misses 5,000 gil Phoenix Down
4 misses 2,500 gil Gold Needle, Ether
5 misses 1,500 gil Ether
6 misses 500 gil Gold Needle
7 misses 300 gil Hi-Potion, Antidote
8 misses 200 gil Hi-Potion
9 misses 100 gil Potion, Antidote
10 or more misses None Potion

Toad panels[edit]

Misses Gil rewarded Item(s) rewarded
0 misses 40,000 gil Masamune
1 miss 25,000 gil Aegis Shield
2 misses 10,000 gil Genji Armor
3 misses 5,000 gil Genji Gloves
4 misses 2,500 gil Genji Helm
5 misses 1,500 gil Hermes
6 misses 1,000 gil Sage's Wisdom
7 misses 500 gil Saint's Spirit
8 misses 300 gil Bacchus' Wine
9 misses 200 gil Conch Shell
10 or more misses 100 gil None


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