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Phoenix Down

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Phoenix Down, also known as Life and formatted Fenix Down in earlier titles, is an item that appears in several Final Fantasy games. It first appears in Final Fantasy II. Phoenix Downs are used to revive a KO'd character, either within or outside of battle. In some games, a little bit of a character's HP is revived simultaneously. Several undead enemies are vulnerable to healing or other life-restoration moves, so a Phoenix Down can also be used to either defeat them instantly or inflict lots of damage upon them. In several games, either Raise or Arise, both of which are White Magic spells, are an alternative for reviving a fallen character.

Phoenix Downs are usually depicted as a feather of a phoenix, a common symbol of life and rebirth, and the "down" refers to a bird's down feathers, which is the undercoat beneath their visible layer of feathers. Phoenix Downs have also been depicted as the bottled tears of a phoenix, bolted quivers, or bead necklaces.

Variants of Phoenix Down include the Phoenix Pinion, which summons a phoenix in battle, and Mega Phoenix, which revives all KO'd party members.


Final Fantasy II[edit]

In Final Fantasy II, Phoenix Downs can be bought at any Item Shop for 500 gil (5,000 in the Famicom version and Final Fantasy Origins's Hard Mode) and sold for 250 gil (2,500 gil in the Famicom version and Final Fantasy Origins's Hard Mode). There are a few treasure chests that contain a Phoenix Down, and certain enemies may drop a Phoenix Down when defeated.

Ways to obtain a Phoenix Down
Item Shops: All of them
Treasure chests (3 total): Castle Deist (1F), Tropical Island (B3), Cave of Mysidia (B4)
Enemies (5 total): Chimera Brains, Emperor Mateus (Cyclone), Mantis Kings, Tiamat, Yamatano Orochi
Other: Phoenix Downs are among the rewards for completing the hidden minigame, Concentration.

Final Fantasy IV[edit]

Phoenix Downs reappear in Final Fantasy IV. Like in their debut appearance, Phoenix Downs can be bought at any Item Shop at a less expensive price of 100 gil and sold or 50 gil. In releases prior to Final Fantasy IV Advance, they are named Life.

Ways to obtain a Phoenix Down
Item Shops (10 total): All except Mysidia and Cave of Eblan
Treasure chests (14 total): Baron, Underground Waterway, Damcyan Castle, Antlion's Den (B1F), Baron Castle x2, Tower of Babil (3F), Cave of Eblan x2, Feymarch x3, Sealed Cave x2
Enemies (9 total): Blood Eye, Cockatrice, Eyewing Moth, Fledgling Rukh, Floating Eye, Helldiver, Hellflapper, Mist Eagle, Tetsuya Takahashi

Final Fantasy remakes[edit]

Phoenix Downs did not appear in Final Fantasy until its Game Boy Advance remake in Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls. In earlier versions, characters could only be revived from either a Raise or Arise spell or at a Sanctuary. Phoenix Downs are found in Marsh Cave, Mount Gulg, Hellfire Chasm, Lifespring Grotto, and Whisperwind Cove. Sometimes a Mindflayer or a Soldier drop a Phoenix Down upon being defeated.

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