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This article is about the boss from Final Fantasy V. For the summon from Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings with the same name, see Atomos (Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings).
Atomos FF5 art.jpg
Final Fantasy V artwork
Gender Male
Species Monster
Affiliation Exdeath (Final Fantasy V)

Atomos is a monster that appears in several Final Fantasy games. It first appears in Final Fantasy V as a boss, and as a summon in Final Fantasy IX. Atomos is a large, purple head with a huge, open mouth, which it can suck characters into to send them off into another dimension. Atomos does this by using his signature Wormhole attack. However, at the end of a battle, the character is released, meaning it was only ejected from the battle. As a summon, Atomos's signature attack is G-Force 199, which deals fractional damage on all enemies.

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