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1000 Needles

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1000 Needles (針千本 Harisenbon?, "Blowfish") is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series since Final Fantasy V, which deals 1000 fixed damage to targets regardless of defense stats and status resistances. It has been the Cactuar's signature ability since Final Fantasy VI, and can be used by playable characters in some games.


Mario sports titles[edit]

This section was taken from Super Mario Wiki. It shares the compatible Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. It has been requested that the section be rewritten to be different from the originating wiki.
Cactuar performing its Special Shot, 1000 Needles, in Mario Hoops 3-on-3

1000 Needles is Cactuar's Special Shot in Mario Hoops 3-on-3. To have Cactuar perform it, the player must tap out an S shape.

Cactuar begins the shot by dribbling the ball in an S shape. The ball glows green, Cactuar throws it straight up and dives headfirst with the ball into the basket, spiraling as it goes. White "needles" explode in all directions. After the shot, it lands back on the ground and two 8-bit Chocobos orbit its head for a second.

If shot outside the three-point line instead of diving, Cactuar will jump, wind up its right hand, and punch the ball toward the hoop. When a teammate dunks it in, the white needles appear.

1000 Needles is also Cactuar's Special Shot in Mario Sports Mix. The same actions are for the ones for Mario Hoops 3-on-3, but opponents affected by the shot will have a small "1000" briefly appear over them, as if they had received damage in a Final Fantasy game.