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Dragon Grass

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Dragon Grass FF5 SFC sprite.png
Super Famicom sprite

Dragon Grass, also formatted dragon grass, is a key item in Final Fantasy V. It is a panacea that can heal injured wind drakes. Dragon Grass only grows in North Mountain and Drakenvale, in Bartz's World and Galuf's World respectively.


In Bartz's World, the party first learn about the Dragon Grass from a person in Carwen. At some point, Hiryu gets stranded at the top of North Mountain. When the party reaches the top of North Mountain, they find that Hiryu is critically injured. Lenna finds Dragon Grass behind a few poisonous flowers, and she risks herself by running across to retrieve it. Lenna gives the Dragon Grass to Faris, who then gives it to Hiryu to eat, immediately healing him.

In Galuf's World, after Galuf's wind drake has been injured, the party travels through Drakenvale to search for Dragon Grass. Lenna and Faris some at the top of the area, although when they try to pick it, the plant grows and attacks them, revealing itself to be a Dragon Pod. The party defeats the Dragon Pod and its accompanying Dragon Flowers in a battle, and the Dragon Pod turns into ordinary Dragon Grass.

After acquiring the Dragon Grass, the party returns to Castle Bal to treat Galuf's wind drake. Lenna tries to get the wind drake to eat the Dragon Grass, but it refuses. Bartz is not surprised because the Dragon Pod killed off nearly every wind drake. Lenna eats some of the Dragon Grass to try to prove it is edible. She then gives some Dragon Grass to the wind drake, who agrees to have some. Faris and Bartz are shocked, and the latter explains to Lenna that Dragon Grass is poisonous to humans. As a result, Lenna faints, so Krile quickly fetches a healing drink and returns moments later to have Lenna drink it.