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Skeleton FF artwork.jpg
Final Fantasy concept artwork
First appearance Final Fantasy (1987)
Species Skeleton
Other names BONE (Final Fantasy NES)
Related characters and species

Skeletons are a recurring undead enemy in the Final Fantasy franchise. They make their first appearance in Final Fantasy. They are basic, living skeletons who are usually seen carrying a long sword, but in some appearances, they carry a spear.


Final Fantasy[edit]

In Final Fantasy, Skeletons are encountered in the surrounding areas of Chaos Shrine and Matoya's Cave. They are also encountered in present-day Chaos Shrine and Marsh Cave (floors B1–B3). They are vulnerable to Dia and Fire-based attacks, and they are resistant to several spells. In the original Nintendo Entertainment System version, Skeletons are named BONE.

In nearly every version, Skeletons wear green shoes and have a green sword handle, except MSX2, where both their shoes and sword handle are blue. Starting with the WonderSwan Color release, they wear a large, blue shoulder pads on each shoulder. In the PlayStation Portable version, Skeletons have green eyes.


# Enemy name
HP 10 Attack 10 Accuracy 2 Defense 0
Agility 6 Intelligence 0 Evasion 12 Magic Defense 17
Spells N/A Weakness Dia, Fire Resistance Confusion, Darkness, Death, Ice, Mind, Paralysis, Poison, Silence, Sleep, Stone Type N/A
Gil 3 EXP 9 Treasure N/A

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Final Fantasy[edit]

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