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Shark FF artwork.jpg
Final Fantasy artwork of a Shark
First appearance Final Fantasy (1987)
Species Shark
Related characters and species
Killer Shark
White Shark

Sharks are enemies that appear in several Final Fantasy games, starting with the first Final Fantasy. They are found at sea and have two stronger variants, Killer Sharks and White Sharks.

Game appearances[edit]

Final Fantasy[edit]

In Final Fantasy, Sharks are encountered in the sea and in floors 3F and 4F of Sunken Shrine. They are weak to Lightning attacks but are resistant to Fire and Quake. In the game, Sharks are turquoise, although in the MSX2 release, they are blue. Starting with the WonderSwan Color release, Sharks have a white underbelly. In the Nintendo Entertainment System version, their name is formatted as SHARK.


#021 Shark
Shark FF PR sprite.png
HP 120 Attack 22 Accuracy 30 Defense 0
Agility 36 Intelligence 8 Evasion 72 Magic Defense 70
Spells N/A Weakness Lightning Resistance Fire, Earth Type Aquatic
Gil 66 EXP 267 Treasure N/A
Location(s) World Map (sea), Sunken Shrine

Bestiary navigation[edit]

Final Fantasy
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