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Black Goblin

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Black Goblin
First appearance Final Fantasy V (1992)
Species Goblin
Related characters and species
Goblin Guard
Neo Goblin

Black Goblins are a variant of Goblin that appear in a few Final Fantasy games. Their first appearance is in Final Fantasy V. Besides their stats, Black Goblins have little difference from their regular counterpart.


Final Fantasy V[edit]

In Final Fantasy V, Black Goblins are only encountered in Wind Shrine (floors 2F-4F). They sometimes use Goblin Punch as an attack.

Final Fantasy (remakes)[edit]

Black Goblins appear in Final Fantasy's remakes, starting with Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls, exclusively in the four Soul of Chaos dungeons: Earthgift Shrine, Hellfire Chasm, Lifespring Grotto, and Whisperwind Cove. In those dungeons, Black Goblins are one of the weakest enemies encountered. Unlike Final Fantasy V, Black Goblins cannot use Goblin Punch. When defeated, a Black Goblin drops a Potion.

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