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Desert Baretta

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Desert Baretta
Desert Baretta FF PSP sprite.png
Final Fantasy PSP battle sprite
Dezāto Barette
First appearance Final Fantasy
Species Beast
Other names ANKYLO
Related characters and species

The Desert Baretta is an enemy encountered in certain parts of the world map in Final Fantasy. They are a stronger variant of Barettas, and as their name implies, Desert Barettas are native to the desert. They are quadrupedal and have a thick, armored shell somewhat like a tortoise's but with purple spikes on top. Desert Barettas appear in the Yahnikurm Desert and the surrounding areas of Onrac, Gaia, Lufenia, and the Citadel of Trials. In the original Nintendo Entertainment System version, they are named ANKYLO.

In the Nintendo Entertainment System version, Desert Barettas are sand-colored with red claws and spikes. In Final Fantasy Origins, they are brown and resemble a rock. Starting with Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls, Desert Barettas are yellow and retain their red spikes and claws from the original Nintendo Entertainment System version.

Despite the fact that Desert Barettas have high strength and are among the later enemies encountered, the Warriors of Light only receive one gil for defeating a Desert Baretta. Aside from the bosses in past Chaos Shrine (except Chaos), Desert Barettas are the only enemy to drop one gil when defeated.


# Enemy name
HP 352 Attack 98 Accuracy 88 Defense 48
Agility 24 Intelligence 12 Evasion 48 Magic Defense 156
Spells N/A Weakness N/A Resistance N/A Type N/A
Gil 1 EXP 2610 Treasure N/A

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