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Gloom Widow

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Gloom Widow
Gloom Widow FF5 GBA sprite.png
Final Fantasy V Advance sprite
First appearance Final Fantasy V (1992)
Species Spider
Related characters and species
Black Widow

Gloom Widows are poisonous spider enemies and a relative of Black Widows and Tarantulas. They make their first and main appearance in Final Fantasy V.


Final Fantasy V[edit]

In Final Fantasy V, Gloom Widows are encountered in the surrounding areas of both Moore and Crescent. They have two abilities, Web and Needle, and if caught by a party member with the Beastmaster job, a Gloomy Widow can still use Web as an attack. Characters with the Steal command can take either a Potion or a Hi-Potion from them, the latter being a lot less likely.

In the iOS and Android releases, Gloom Widows have a light purple body. In earlier versions, they have a yellow and purple-striped body, and have the same appearance as Tarantulas.

Final Fantasy remakes[edit]

In remakes of Final Fantasy, starting with the Game Boy Advance release, Gloom Widows are encountered as common enemies in all four Soul of Chaos dungeons. Unlike in Final Fantasy V, Gloom Widows' bodies were changed to yellow. In the Game Boy Advance release, the tips of their feet are purple.

Gloom Widows are a lot weaker than in Final Fantasy V, although they have received the ability to sometimes inflict poison on a party member by attacking them.


Final Fantasy V stats
Level HP MP Strength Defense Evasion Magic Magic Defense Gil EXP Type
42 1,820 0 60 10 0 0 5 456 1,100 Nothing
Steal Drops
Potion, Hi-Potion Nothing
Immune to Weakness Absorbs Immunity
Nothing Water Nothing Nothing
# Enemy name
HP 71 Attack 8 Accuracy 18 Defense 20
Agility 44 Intelligence 12 Evasion 24 Magic Defense 40
Spells N/A Weakness Nothing Resistance Nothing Type N/A
Gil 520 EXP 140 Treasure Antidote

Bestiary navigation[edit]

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Desertpede | Gloom Widow (#167) | Duel Knight


Final Fantasy[edit]