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Not to be confused with Alraune, an enemy who is named Tarantula in Final Fantasy IV Advance.
Tarantula FF artwork.jpg
Artwork of a Tarantula from Final Fantasy
First appearance Final Fantasy (1987)
Species Tarantula
Other names ARACHNID (Final Fantasy NES)
Related characters and species
Black Widow
Gloom Widow

Tarantulas are arachnid enemies who appear in several Final Fantasy games. They make their debut appearance in Final Fantasy. Tarantulas are usually green in color.


Final Fantasy[edit]

Tarantula FF PSP sprite.png
Final Fantasy (PSP) sprite

In Final Fantasy, Tarantulas, named ARACHNID in the original Nintendo Entertainment System version, are relatively common enemies encountered on the World Map in the surrounding areas of Pravoka, Elfheim, Melmond, Mount Duergar, Marsh Cave, Mount Gulg, and the Cavern of Ice. They are also encountered within a few cave areas, including Marsh Cave (floors B1-B3), the Cavern of Earth (floors B1-B5), and the Giant's Cave.

During a battle, if a Tarantula attacks one of the Warriors of Light, there is a chance of them becoming poisoned.

Final Fantasy V[edit]

In Final Fantasy V, Tarantulas are only encountered in Castle Exdeath within Galuf's World. They absorb any Poison attacks but are weak to Ice attacks. Tarantulas have the Web ability, allowing them to inflict Slow on their target. Unlike most of their other appearances, Tarantulas are purple instead of green, and have the same appearance as Gloom Widows.


# Enemy name
HP 64 Attack 5 Accuracy 16 Defense 12
Agility 12 Intelligence 3 Evasion 24 Magic Defense 46
Spells N/A Weakness N/A Resistance N/A Type N/A
Gil 50 EXP 141 Treasure N/A
Final Fantasy V stats
Level HP MP Strength Defense Evasion Magic Magic Defense Gil EXP Type
27 200 0 35 0 0 0 0 231 88 Nothing
Steal Drops
Nothing Potion
Immune to Weakness Absorbs Immunity
Nothing Ice Poison Mini, Toad

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