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Air Elemental

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Air Elemental
Air Elemental FF PSP sprite.png
PlayStation Portable sprite
First appearance Final Fantasy
Species Tornado
Other names AIR (NES version)
Aeros (Final Fantasy Origins)
Related characters and species
Dark Elemental
Death Elemental
Earth Elemental
Fire Elemental
Water Elemental
Not to be confused with Air Element.

Air Elementals are one of the elemental enemies in Final Fantasy. They are small, green tornadoes that are encountered on nearly every floor of the Flying Fortress, except 3F, and in floor B4 of Chaos Shrine in the past. Air Elementals were originally named AIR in the Nintendo Entertainment System version of Final Fantasy, where they have a blue sprite. In Final Fantasy Origins, Air Elementals were known as Aeros. They are a palette swap of Water Elementals and Death Elementals.


# Enemy name
HP 358 Attack 53 Accuracy 62 Defense 4
Agility 72 Intelligence 40 Evasion 144 Magic Defense 130
Spells N/A Weakness Rune Blade, Excalibur Resistance Confusion, Darkness, Death, Mind, Paralysis, Poison,
Quake, Silence, Sleep, Stone
Type N/A
Gil 807 EXP 1,614 Treasure Ether

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