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Winter Wolf

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Winter Wolf
Winter Wolf FF PSP sprite.png
PlayStation Portable sprite
Wintā Urufu
First appearance Final Fantasy
Species Wolf
Other names FrWOLF, Frost Wolf
Related characters and species
Dark Wolf
Warg Wolf
Wild Nakk

Winter Wolves are ice-elemental Wolves which are enemies in Final Fantasy. Being ice creatures, Winter Wolves are weak to fire-elemental moves but are resistant to any ice-elemental moves. They are capable of using the move Icestorm. In the original Nintendo Entertainment System release, they are named FrWOLF, or Frost Wolf.[1] Like the other Wolf enemies, Winter Wolves are often encountered in packs.

Winter Wolves are encountered in the Cavern of Ice (floor B3) and Chaos Shrine in the past (2F). They are also encountered in the surrounding areas of the final three towns, Onrac, Gaia, Lufenia, despite none of them being in a snowy region, and on a peninsula northeast of Pravoka.

In the original Nintendo Entertainment System version, Winter Wolves have a white and blue body with pink-colored eyes and claws. Starting with the WonderSwan Color remake, Winter Wolves were redesigned to have a gray body, yellow eyes, and a turquoise back and tail. Their claws are no longer visible. In the PlayStation Portable remake, the gray parts of Winter Wolves' fur were changed to a grayish-green color, and their eyes were changed to green. Like the original version, Winter Wolves have visible claws, although black and thinner.


# Enemy name
HP 92 Attack 25 Accuracy 23 Defense 0
Agility 27 Intelligence 12 Evasion 54 Magic Defense 55
Spells Icestorm Weakness Fire Resistance Ice Type N/A
Gil 200 EXP 402 Treasure Ice Shield

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