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Relm Arrowny

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Relm Arrowny
Relm Arrowny.jpg
Final Fantasy VI artwork
Rirumu Arōnii
Date of birth September 9
Hometown Thamasa
Age 10
Gender Female
Species Human

Relm Arrowny is a ten-year-old artist from the village of Thamasa and the adopted granddaughter of Strago Magus. She appears in Final Fantasy VI, and is the youngest party member of the game.

Relm also has a mysterious relationship with Shadow, who is rumored to be her father, following a number of clues left in the game. This is first implied in scenes with Relm and Interceptor upon the party's first meeting, supporting flashbacks during Shadow's dream sequences. The Memento Ring directly references Relm's departed mother, and Shadow is the only other character who can equip this item.


The party meets Relm during their first visit to Thamasa. After speaking to Strago, Relm introduces herself to the party. After finishing the conversation and staying the night at the local inn, the party is awakened by Strago, and asked to rescue Relm from the Burning Home. After doing so, the party leaves for the Esper Cave the next morning, Relm follows them. Relm joins the party after tailing them in the Esper Cave, despite complaints from Strago, and saves them during a scripted battle against Ultros, showing him that he is, in fact, a stupid-looking octopus, by sketching him.

In the World of Ruin, Relm is either first found unconscious in the Cave on the Veldt (in the event the player did not wait for Shadow on the Floating Continent) or tasked with a commissioned painting by the grossly-deformed Owzer. In the latter, Relm is found in Owzer's Mansion, where she paints a portrait of Starlet. The portrait, possessed by a demon, comes to life, forcing the party to battle it. After destroying it, Relm rejoins the group. She later snaps Strago out of his chanting march at the base of the Cult of Kefka's Tower.



Main article: Sketch

Relm's special skill is Sketch, which allows her to duplicate the skills of her enemies with varying degrees of success. In early copies of the Super Nintendo release, use of the Sketch skill yielded extremely unpredictable results (mostly when performed on invisible or otherwise atypical enemies) due to an uninitialized pointer, the most notorious being the infamous "Sketch glitch". This glitch would typically cause the game to crash, but it could sometimes add hundreds of free items to the player's inventory (including thousands of the Dirk item and items not normally obtained in quantities greater than one), switch characters on the active team, and even alter or erase saved game data.

After obtaining a relic called Fake Moustache, Relm's Sketch command turns into Control, which allows the player to completely control the enemy, and select from a small list of the enemy's attacks to use. This is, incidentally, one of the best ways to teach Strago some of the more esoteric Lore spells in the game. It is also useful to disable an enemy entirely while the rest of your team pounds on it with magic attacks (physical attacks will break Relm's control over the enemy).


In Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version, Relm's theme is called "Relm" -- disc 2, track 19. Her leitmotif is also found in the track:


  • Relm's speech was heavily ridden with profanity in the original Japanese version. With censorship still placing limits within SQUARE games of North America, her dialog was severely played down to a general audience. Example: "What a fuddy-duddy." To Strago when he turns down Relm's offer to accompany the party on an adventure.
  • Relm referred to herself in the third person in the Japanese version.
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