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Ultima Weapon (character)

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The Ultima Weapon is a powerful boss who is featured in many Final Fantasy games.


Final Fantasy series[edit]

Final Fantasy VI[edit]

Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy VI for the Super Nintendo

In Final Fantasy VI, Ultima Weapon (named AtmaWeapon in the original Super Nintendo version and AtmaWepn in the PlayStation version) is featured in two forms. Its first form is a cat-like boss with a special affinity to magical attacks. Ultima Weapon can defeated by depleting its MP, either by weathering many battle rounds against it, or by casting spells designed to deplete its supply of MP. Ultima Weapon's second form is encountered during the final stretch of the game, in Kefka's Tower, by the name of simply "Atma." It is a lot more powerful, and is capable of instantly executing Ultima Weapon's ultimate technique.

Final Fantasy VII[edit]

The Ultima Weapon (Final Fantasy VII)

In Final Fantasy VII, the Ultimate WEAPON appears as one of five Weapons featured in that game. Ultimate WEAPON flies around the world map, and is fought several times by the player before being finally defeated above the Ancient Forest near Cosmo Canyon.

Final Fantasy VIII[edit]

In Final Fantasy VIII, Ultima Weapon appears as a boss in the Deep Sea Research Center.

Final Fantasy X[edit]

In Final Fantasy X, Ultima Weapon is an optional boss fought in the Omega Ruins of Spira as well as a sword. In the Japanese version of the game, Tidus' Celestial Weapon is called the Ultima Weapon, although the name was changed for reasons unknown to Caladbolg for the North American and European localizations.

Final Fantasy II (remakes)[edit]

In remakes of Final Fantasy II, starting with Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls, Ultima Weapon is an optional boss featured in the bonus quest Soul of Rebirth.

Main series sequels[edit]

Final Fantasy X-2[edit]

Another form of the monster appeared in Final Fantasy X-2, with the in-game bestiary humorously warning the player not to call it Atma.

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