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Costa del Sol (Final Fantasy VII)

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Costa del Sol (Final Fantasy VII)
Costa del Sol FF7 map.png
Final Fantasy VII map
Kosuta Deru Soru
Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy VII
Type Town
Greater location Gaia
Inhabitants Johnny
Unique area(s) Villa Cloud

Costa del Sol is a coastal resort town found on the eastern part of the Western Continent in Final Fantasy VII. It also serves as the continent's main port. Costa del Sol has also appeared in both Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. The place's name is Spanish for "Coast of the Sun", and its buildings share a design with traditional buildings located in Spain.


Final Fantasy VII[edit]

In Final Fantasy VII, Cloud and the others first arrive at Costa del Sol while hiding on Rufus's Cargo Ship. Costa del Sol is a minor location, as the party only briefly visit it to rest and relax. As with most towns, an Item Shop, Weapon Shop, Materia Shop, and an inn is found in Costa del Sol. The inn costs 200 gil to stay a night.

Professor Hojo can be found on the beach. He recently has fled Shinra and mentions that Sephiroth can be found past North Corel. The party can also find Johnny, who has been recently engaged, in his own house in Costa del Sol. The other characters can be found doing various activities around Costa del Sol. At first, Aeris and Tifa are found at the beach. After Cloud talks to Hojo, they can be found in the inn and Johnny's house respectively. Barret is found in the inn's bathroom. Red XIII plays ball with the kids on the street, and Cloud can kick the ball at him. Yuffie Kisaragi gets a part-time job at the Materia Shop.

There is a real estate agent selling President Shinra's vacation home, which Cloud can optionally purchase for 300,000 gil. In doing so, the place is renamed to Villa Cloud.

After acquiring the Buggy, the party can pay 100 gil at the docks to take the Cargo Ship back to Junon. The Buggy can be taken on the Cargo Ship with them.


Name Cost (in gil)
Platinum Bangle 1,800
Carbon Bangle 800
Four Slots 1,300
Molotov 400
Name Cost (in gil)
Solid Bazooka 16,000
Centclip 14,000
Spiral Shuriken 14,000
Long Barrel R 13,000
Gold M-Phone 15,000
S-Mine 1,000
Name Cost (in gil)
Heal 1,500
Revive 3,000
Restore 750
Seal 3,000
Fire 600
Ice 600
Lightning 600
Name Cost (in gil)
Fire 600
Ice 600
Lightning 600
Earth 1,500
Gravity 8,000
Poison 1,500
Name Cost (in gil)
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 300
Phoenix Down 300
Soft 150
Antidote 80
Eye Drop 50
Ether 1,500
Hyper 100
Tranquilizer 100
Tent 500
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