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White Materia

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The White Materia in Final Fantasy VII

The White Materia is a specific materia in Final Fantasy VII and the opposite of the Black Materia. It casts the Holy spell, the pinnacle of "Ultimate Defensive Magic", which is the only spell powerful enough to protect the Planet against the Meteor, which itself is summoned by Black Materia. The White Materia belonged to Aerith since she was a young girl.

The party goes on a search for the White Materia after Sephiroth has summons Meteor with the Black Materia. Like all materia, the White Materia links its wielder to the Lifestream, and if their request to the Planet to release Holy is granted, the White Materia glows pale green.

At the Forgotten City, Aerith prays and calls upon Holy. When she is killed by Sephiroth, the White Materia, from which Holy is summoned, falls out from her hair and into the bottom of a lake, where the remains of Aerith herself also rest. Later, it is revealed that Aerith's prayer did reach the Planet, meaning that her use of the White Materia was successful, but that Sephiroth was blocking Holy from answering the call. Eventually the Lifestream destroys Meteor and saves the Planet.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 白マテリア
Shiro Materia
White Materia
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