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Corneo Hall

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Corneo Hall
Corneo Hall.png
Main room

Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy VII
Type Building
Greater location Wall Market
Inhabitants Don Corneo

Corneo Hall is a location in Final Fantasy VII. It is located to the very north of Wall Market, and is the home of Don Corneo. In the game, Cloud and Aerith enter the location to rescue Tifa. Men are prohibited from entering because Don Corneo only invites women in his search for a new bride, so Aerith has the idea to disguise Cloud as a woman, and the bouncer allows them to enter. If Wall Market is revisited after Sector 7 is destroyed, Corneo Hall is abandoned, and the party can freely enter inside.

When Cloud and Aerith enter, the receptionist tells them to wait in the lobby. The two must go into the torture room and reunite with Tifa. A lackey finds them in the torture room. The three of them go into Don's office, where Don picks a bride between Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith (depending on their clothes). If Cloud is not chosen as Don's bride, Cloud is taken to the lackey hangout, where Don's perverse lackeys go after Cloud. He takes off his disguise and fights Don's lackeys. Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith eventually go into Don's bedroom, revealing themselves and interrogate Don. He reveals that Heidigger ordered him to find where the man with the gun-arm was. Shortly after, Don opens a trapdoor, and Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith fall down into the Sewer System.


The main lobby, office, and Don's bedroom have an ornate Chinese aesthetic. The lobby and office are mostly red and gold in color, and Don's bedroom has a purplish tint to it. The appearance of the torture room and lackey hangout contrast with Corneo Hall entirely; the torture room is entirely dark while the lackey hangout is messy and dirty, with bottles, paper, and other trash lying around. A television is at the upper-right corner.

The lobby has a reception desk to the left. There is a staircase to the right, and taking it leads to the second floor. To the very left is an open doorway which leads down into the torture room. The center door leads into Don's office, and the door to the right leads into the room where Don's lackeys hang out.