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Gold Saucer (Final Fantasy VII)

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Gold Saucer (Final Fantasy VII)
Gold Saucer FF7.jpg
A distant, full view of the Gold Saucer
Gōrudo Sōsā
Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy VII
Greater location Gaia (west continent)
Unique area(s) Battle Square
Chocobo Square
Event Square
Ghost Square
Round Square
Speed Square
Wonder Square

Gold Saucer is a towering amusement park that appears in Final Fantasy VII and the titular area of the Gold Saucer Area. It is built upon Corel's ruins and is operated by Dio. It can only be reached by the Railway cable car in North Corel. Gold Saucer is separated into seven squares, each with their attractions. Several games at Gold Saucer use a unique type of currency, GP, although some games are still paid with gil. The Gold Saucer is where the party meets Cait Sith, who then joins them on their adventure.


The entrance area

The entrance area is mostly empty, although there is a ticket-taker standing in front of a large cupcake-like structure with a "Welcome" sign, and its mouth represents the entry. It costs 3,000 gil for a one-time admission (which becomes invalid when the party leaves the Gold Saucer) or 30,000 gil for a lifetime pass. A save point is located to the top-left, but unlike other save points, it costs 5 GP to use. Sometimes there is a man operating a hut behind the Railway cable car, and he sells GP in exchange for gil (1 GP for 100 gil). The party can purchase up to 100GP at once.

The entry leads to a small, entirely circular room. It has an orange-brown floor depicting a Moogle, a Chocobo, and Cait Sith in the center. The walls are neon yellow and have seven chutes, each surrounded by a rainbow circle. In front of each chute, there is an image showing which square they lead to. A green map in the center shows the different floors and where each of the seven squares are located. On the floor, in front of the map, is the word "INFO" over a small, orange circle. Several orange circles are on the bottom half of the floor.

Chocobo Square has an elevator that goes a long way down to Corel Prison and vice versa. When Mr. Coates gives Cloud permission to join the Chocobo Racing, Ester goes with Cloud into the elevator and escorts him to Chocobo Square while telling him the rules and game controls of the race. Once they exit the elevator, Cloud cannot go back in, which means he cannot revisit Corel Prison.


The map at the Gold Saucer's circular room

These are the squares, from lowest floor to highest floor.

  • Wonder Square - This is where the party meets Cait Sith. Several minigames can be played here for GP.
  • Speed Square - This has the Shooting Coaster minigame.
  • Round Square - Two characters go on a date while riding a gondola.
  • Battle Square - Here, a party member can fight in the Battle Arena.
  • Ghost Square - The haunted-themed area with an Item Shop and an inn. The Item Shop takes gil for currency.
  • Chocobo Square - This is where characters race each other while riding Chocobos.
  • Event Square - An area where plays are held. Aside from a part where Cloud and his date perform onstage, there is nothing to do here.

Item Shop[edit]

Name Cost (in gil)
Potion 50
Phoenix Down 300
Ether 1,500
Antidote 80
Maiden's Kiss 150
Cornucopia 150
Soft 150
Echo Screen 100
Hyper 100
Tranquilizer 100


  • A sign at the railway transport station to the Gold Saucer that is located to the west of North Corel has the English phrase "Amusement park" written in Greek letters (Αμυσεμεντ παρκ).
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