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Heidegger is a high ranking member of Shinra in Final Fantasy VII. He is in charge of the company's military division, Shinra Public Security Division. Heidegger often says "Gya Haa haa haa!" after speaking.


While President Shinra was in control of the company, Heidegger was held in high regard. After the former's death his son Rufus' rise to power, Heidegger was often insulted by the new president, and took to taking out his rage on his subordinates. Nonetheless, Heidegger was essentially Rufus' right-hand man, and joined him in the assault on Sapphire Weapon at Junon.

Scarlet, the head of weapons development, did not fully trust Heidegger to use her ultimate weapon, the Sister Ray. She believed him to be an idiot, and freely admitted that to the Turks. When Diamond Weapon attacked Midgar, apparently killing Rufus, Heidegger and Scarlet were quick to assume command, and confronted Cloud and his allies in Midgar with their enormous robot, the Proud Clod. The battle ended in the defeat of Heidegger and Scarlet, but it is unclear whether they survived.

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