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Buster Sword

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The Buster Sword (バスターソード Basutā Sōdo?), is the trademark weapon of Cloud Strife since his debut appearance in Final Fantasy VII. It is a broadsword with a very large blade. The Buster Sword has the characteristics of several swords: it is one-sided like a traditional katana, the size of a zweihänder, and a proportionally short hilt like that of a longsword.

In Final Fantasy VII, Cloud receives the Buster Sword from Zack Fair after he is shot to death by Shinra troops while trying to protect Cloud when he was comatose. Because of this exchange, Cloud continued to wield the Buster Sword years later in honor of Zack. The Buster Sword cannot be bought or sold, and it is the weapon used by Cloud during the game's cutscenes.

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