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  • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
In-game appearance from Final Fantasy VII
Age 129
Gender Male

Bugenhagen is a supporting character in Final Fantasy VII. He is an eccentric elder from Cosmo Canyon and the adoptive grandfather of Red XIII, whom he always calls by his birth name Nanaki. He is always seen on top of a floating green orb. His main role is to provide the party with key information on their journey to stop Meteor from crashing into the Planet.

Like Heidegger, Bugenhagen is also named after a German philosopher, Johannes Bugenhagen.


Final Fantasy VII[edit]

In disc 1 of Final Fantasy VII, when the party first visits Cosmo Canyon, they meet Bugenhagen and learn from him about some of Red XIII's past. In his planetarium, Bugenhagen teaches the characters about the Planet and the Lifestream, and humanity's greater dependence on the survival of both.

Later, Bugenhagen overhears Red XIII call his father, Seto, a coward, so Bugenhagen leads him and the party into the Cave of the Gi, where Red XIII learns that Seto was actually a hero to the Gi Tribe.

Cait Sith reveals that Bugenhagen was once a Shinra employee, but left to pursue the Study of Planet Life, where he finds a peaceful harmony between technology and nature. It is also revealed that Professor Gast provided Cosmo Canyon with its technology, not Bugenhagen.

In disc 2, the party returns to Cosmo Canyon to seek Bugenhagen's help in preventing Meteor from crashing into the Planet. He accompanies the party to the Forgotten Capital to find answers about an ancient race named the Cetra. From a machine showing the moment of Aeris's death, Bugenhagen points out that Aeris's White Materia was glowing green, meaning that her prayer for Holy, which can destroy Meteor, was successful.

A while later if the party decides to return to Cosmo Canyon after defeating the Diamond Weapon, they learn that Bugenhagen has become fatally ill during the trip to the Forgotten Capital. They visit Bugenhagen's Room, and before dying, Bugenhagen gives Red XIII the Limited Moon, a valuable possession that once belonged to Seto. This is the only time when Bugenhagen is not sitting on his green orb. At one point, Bugenhagen mentions that he will turn 130 years old on his next birthday.