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Don Corneo

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Don Corneo is a non-playable character which appears in Final Fantasy VII. He is an obese, blonde mafiso-style leader who resides in Sector 6's Wall Market in Midgar, an area that is filled with shops, restaurants and a brothel known as Honeybee Inn, which Don frequents. Don is named after and partially inspired by The Godfather character Don Corleone.

Don Corneo is a lonely perverted man who is looking for some love. During Cloud and Aeris's visit to the Wall Market, they discover Tifa in Don's mansion. What they don't know is that she is trying to get answers out of him about Shinra, and they assume Don kidnapped her as a sex slave. Cloud's attempt to enter the building is blocked due to Don's rule of "No males entering" (apart from his underlings). He and Aerith devise a plan that involves Cloud dressing up as a girl to enter the palace. This scene is one of the many comedic scenes in the games that also serves to form player attachments to the characters.

Don Corneo lives in a large house akin to a palace, Corneo Hall. His house is split into five rooms: The main room is a reception area of sorts; Don Corneo's "Throne Room" which has a red carpet walkway, and where he lines up prospective girls to interview them; Don's bedroom, through a door behind the Throne Room; a dungeon room of sorts which includes a torture rack; and the last room, a room for Don Corneo's underlings to stay, and do as they wish with the girls rejected by Don.

Don's connection to Shinra is that he was hired to reside in the Slums and collect as much information about AVALANCHE as possible. After he revealed Shinra's plan to destroy the Slums area where AVALANCHE was based, Don Corneo fled Midgar and headed to Wutai, with the Turks in hot pursuit. He managed to hide from them until his sexual lust drove him to capture Elena and Yuffie, taking them to the highest area in Wutai, the statue of the god Da-Chao, where he ponders who he most desires out of the two. He is stopped once again by Cloud and Reno; While the conversation proceeds, Rude shoots Don, who hangs on, but has his fingers stepped on by Reno and plummets off Da-Chao, presumably to his death.

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