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Edgar Roni Figaro

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Edgar Roni Figaro
Edgar FFVI artwork.jpg
Artwork for Final Fantasy VI
Edogā Roni Figaro
Date of birth August 16
Age 27
Job class Machinist
Gender Male
Height 6'2" (1.88 m)
Weight 169 lb (77 kg)
Species Human
Weapon(s) Tools
Occupation King

Edgar Roni Figaro is the womanizing king of Figaro Castle and the twin brother of Sabin. He is one of the playable characters in Final Fantasy VI.


When Edgar and Sabin's father died, neither wanted the throne; they both wanted the freedom away from the castle and its wars. They decided to toss a coin and the winner could opt for his freedom. Edgar, however, could not bear to see the heavy burden of being a king being laid upon his brother's shoulders, and used a double-sided coin and "won" the throne. Edgar gives the impression that he is allied with the Gestahlian Empire, but the truth is that he dislikes the empire and supports the Returners, a resistance group, secretly. He is a ladies' man and flirts with every woman he meets, including Terra Branford.

Edgar appears in the World of Ruin disguised as a thief named Gerad, an anagram of Edgar; in the Japanese versions, Edgar uses the alias of Geoff. The blue on his outfit has been switched to a brown color. He disowns the player's party upon their first encounter in this world and maintains the disguise until he is attacked while breaking into Figaro Castle with his band of thieves.


Main article: Tools

His command is Tools, where he uses tools found throughout the game to achieve various effects, mainly damaging the enemy. His different tools and effects are:

  • Auto Crossbow - The very first tool Edgar starts with, it is a crossbow capable of firing dozens of bolts at a time, dealing physical damage to all enemies. It remains useful throughout the game.
  • Noiseblaster - Attempts to confuse (Muddle) all enemies.
  • Bioblaster - Deals poison elemental magic damage to all enemies, and gives them Poison Status. Very useful against human foes (i.e. Imperial Soldiers and Zozo enemies), as they are weak against poison. However, its usefulness is short-lived.
  • Chainsaw - Very powerful single strike which ignores defenses fully; an alternate version of the attack, where Edgar wears a hockey mask, will either produce an instant kill or miss entirely.
  • Flash - Deals non-elemental magic damage to the entire enemy party and gives them Blind status. Like the Bio Blaster, it is very useful in the middle portion of the World of Balance, but becomes obsolete very quickly.
  • Debilitator - Adds elemental weaknesses, one per use, to target enemy; will override an enemy's native elemental defenses/immunities.
  • Drill - Powerful single strike; ignores defenses fully. Not quite as powerful as the Chain Saw, but it's guaranteed to hit 100% of the time.
  • Air Anchor - The affected enemy will die if it attempts to perform any action; may be the precursor to the "Heat" status from Final Fantasy IX.


  • In an optional cinema scene, entering the main walkway of Figaro Castle with both Sabin and Edgar in the party causes Sabin to leave the party and wander the castle. Sleeping in the inn there triggers a scene of Sabin in the throne room, where he remembers the death of his father, and his disgust over the obsession with the successor rather than the King's death. It is in this cinema scene that the coin flip is shown. Afterwards, Edgar emerges from behind a curtain, and the two toast their parents and Figaro.

This cinema creates some minor timeline issues as it can be seen in either the World of Balance or the World of Ruin. In either world, Sabin remarks he left the castle a decade ago, thus raising the timeline issue, as the World of Ruin takes place a year after the World of Balance. However, he might have just been rounding it off.

  • Another cinema (and one that players are less likely to discover) takes place if Sabin and Edgar are in the party that attacks Vector. When Celes flips the coin to determine her deal with Setzer, if Edgar is in the party (regardless of if Sabin is as well), she asks him for a coin, and Edgar hands her the two-headed coin he used in his coin flip with Sabin. If Sabin is also in the party, he exclaims "Big Brother, don't tell me!", Edgar turns away, and Sabin thus discovers Celes was cheating Setzer.
  • Additional dialogue takes place between Locke and Edgar during Gau's "makeover" in the WOR if they are in the party during the initiation of the sequence.
  • Edgar is consistently the third character introduced. He is recruited after Terra and Locke in the WOB, after Celes and Sabin (if the player is playing the game normally) in the WOR and he is shown third (on the coin) in the ending medley too.
  • Roni Fatima from Xenogears was named after Edgar, whose middle name is Roni. Much like Edgar, Roni is also a young, handsome desert king whose brother is a martial artist. He was also a part of the rebellion against the game's "evil empire," the Sacred Empire of Solaris. His brother is named after Sabin, whose middle name is Rene.


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