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Celes Chere

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Celes Chere
Celes Chere FF6 art.jpg
Final Fantasy VI artwork of Celes
Serisu Shēru
Date of birth March 10
Hometown Vector
Age 18
Job class Rune Knight
Gender Female
Height 5'7" (172 cm)
Weight 128 lb (58 kg)
Species Human
Blood type B
Affiliation Gestahlian Empire (formerly)
Occupation Imperial General (formerly)
English voice actor Christina Rose
Japanese voice actor Houko Kuwashima

Celes Chere, sometimes formatted Celes Chère, is one of the main and playable characters in Final Fantasy VI. She was one of the Gestahlian Empire's generals before she left them and joined the Returners. Throughout the game, Celes struggles with allegiances between the Gestahlian Empire and the rebel group the Returners before ultimately siding with the latter. Celes was genetically enhanced and artificially infused with magic, making her the second Magitek Knight.


The player first sees Celes during Terra's flashback alongside fellow Imperial generals Kefka and Leo. Celes is first encountered in the dungeons below South Figaro. She is imprisoned and scheduled for execution, likely because she questioned the Empire poisoning the people of Doma Castle. Locke frees Celes and convinces her to tag along with him.

Later, in the Magitek Research Facility, when Kefka attacks the players, Celes rescues the party by magically warping Kefka, his soldiers, and herself to another location. Kefka questioning Celes's true loyalties generates suspicion among the other player characters. Celes next appears as an Imperial General in Albrook. When Locke attempts to question Celes's intentions, she avoids him.

Later in Thamasa, Celes rejoins the party. She proves her loyalty on the Floating Continent when Kefka gives her a sword to attack the other party members. Celes instead decides to attack Kefka. She flees with the others when Kefka moves the Warring Triad statues, causing an apocalyptic event that creates the World of Ruin.

Celes is the first playable character in the World of Ruin. She wakes up on an island with only Cid, who has been taking care of her for the past year. Cid either lives or dies, depending on how much Celes fed him. If she succeeds, Cid shows her a raft and urges her to leave to find her friends. If she fails, Celes descends into despair at the prospect of being alone and attempts suicide by jumping off a cliff. Regardless of the event, Celes discovers a seagull holding Locke's bandanna, which inspires her to search for any surviving companions. She finds Cid's will, uncovers the raft he made for her, and sails away.

If the player finds Locke, he and Celes share an ending in the credits, during which Locke saves her from falling off a ledge. Otherwise, Setzer takes Locke's place.


Main article: Runic

Celes's Runic command allows her to absorb the next spell cast, turning it into MP for her to use. This ability works on the next spell that is cast, so it could absorb a friend or foe's spell. Furthermore, Celes must have a Runic capable sword equipped for this to work; the menu item for Runic is grayed out if anything else is equipped.

Interestingly, Runic reverses normal elemental attributes. If Celes absorbs a spell she would normally take only half damage for, she gains half the MP, while Immunity to an Element gives her no MP and normally absorbing an Element makes her actually lose the MP for the spell.

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