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Biggs and Wedge

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The names Biggs and Wedge (ビッグス & ウェッジ Biggusu & Wejji?) are given to two related characters in several Final Fantasy games, although not as often as the name Cid, which is used in every Final Fantasy game. A Biggs and Wedge first appear Final Fantasy VI as a pair of Vector soldiers accompanying Terra Branford in an attack on Narshe to claim an Esper. They are playable for a short period, but are soon killed by the Esper. They are a homage to the Star Wars characters Biggs Darklighter and Wedge Antilles.[1] In their original appearance in Final Fantasy VI, Biggs' name was mistranslated as Vicks.

Following their first appearance, Biggs and Wedge have appeared in several games. In Final Fantasy VII, Biggs and Wedge are members of AVALANCHE. They are killed after a failed attempt to stop one of Midgar city's support pillars from being destroyed by Shinra Company. Final Fantasy Tactics features a form of the names—as "Viggs" and "Wezaleff"—as members of a raiding party, who have no speaking roles and die while descending Orbonne Monastery. In Final Fantasy VIII, Biggs and Wedge are Galbadian soldiers who engage in battle with the protagonists twice, (once in Dollet — Disc I, and again in D-District Prison — Disc II) providing comic relief. They eventually retire from the Galbadian forces in Disc III.

In Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, Biggs and Wedge are guards at the Luca Blitzball stadium, and can be scouted by the player to participate in Blitzball. In Final Fantasy XII, two Archadian guards named Gibbs and Deweg (variation of Biggs, anagram of Wedge) stand at Nalbina Town, and appear as comic relief in several optional scenes in a sidequest. In the English translation of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Biggs is a former business subordinate of Cid; Biggs and Wedge also appear as random names for character units and hero classes in Final Fantasy I. In Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Biggs and Wedge are enemies in a sniping minigame.

Biggs and Wedge are common names in other Square Enix games. In Chrono Trigger, Vicks and Wedge, along with a third character named Piett (also a Star Wars character), are sideshow attractions at Norstein Bekkler's Lab at the Millennial Fair. Biggs retains his original name in the Nintendo DS re-release of Chrono Trigger. In Kingdom Hearts II, Biggs and Wedge are storekeepers to armor shops. Lastly, Chocobo's Dungeon 2 features them as two Black Mages who may assist the player.

In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Biggs and Wedge are Red Wings soldiers who die protecting Prince Ceodore from an attack led by the Mysterious Woman. The game reveals that Biggs and Wedge were actually the two soldiers who questioned Cecil about stealing the Water Crystal of Mysidia at the beginning of Final Fantasy IV.