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Cid's Test Track

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Course No. 1
Cid's Test Track
Cid's Test Track art.png
Length: 0.77 miles
Difficulty level: 1/5
Associated with: Cid
Theme: Grassy field
Course map
Cid's Test Track map.png

Cid's Test Track is a race course owned by Cid in Chocobo Racing. It is the first course of Story Mode and is featured in Chapter 1: Gadgets a go-go. Cid's Test Track is located next to Cid's lab and is the only course in the Story Mode with no opponents or obstacles. The first event in the whole Story Mode is Chocobo racing on Cid's Test Track after he receives the Jet-Blades from Cid. After completing the race, Cid compliments Chocobo by telling him that he is the "fastest thing on wheels".


Chocobo races around Cid's Test Track

The course takes place within the grasslands and has a wide road, which gives allowing the racers to have more movement. There is striped grass on each side of the road, except within a few tunnels along the way. Several wooden windmills are seen on the hills surrounding the road. The left part of the course is mostly curved, while the right part is a straightforward line. A white blimp with the Square logo flies around Cid's Test Track, and the blimp's front section is light green. There are some decals with the Square logo and those with the Chocobo Racing logo. At the first curve, there is a crashed, orange rocket in the foreground that is tilted diagonally, and its four boosters are facing northeast.


  • Chocobo Racing manual (page 18):

"An easy-racing, high-speed circuit.

Developed by Cid, this modern racetrack was created to have test-runs on.With a simple layout, this high-speed circuit is a great place to brush up onyour basic racing techniques. This is the shortest of all the courses."