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Mount Gulug

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Not to be confused with Mount Gulg.

Mount Gulug is an extinct volcano found on the Lost Continent in Final Fantasy IX. The human settlement of Esto Gaza exists on the flank of the volcano. Mount Gulug is home to the Fire Shrine where the Fire Guardian, Maliris, protects the gateway to Terra.

Mount Gulug is named after Mount Gulg from the first Final Fantasy game. At the time of Final Fantasy IX's release, the most recent English version of Final Fantasy was the Nintendo Entertainment System, where it is named Gurugu Volcano. Both places have an identical Japanese name, regardless of version.


Mount Gulug was formerly populated by a culture of mole people before going extinct long ago. Mount Gulug was sealed for a long time, but it was reopened by Kuja using the Gulug Stone so he could extract the Eidolons in order to defeat Garland and rule over both Terra and Gaia. The party reach there in time to save Eiko and Lady Hilda. Mog sacrificed itself to become an Eidolon through Trance.

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