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Plant Brain

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Plant Brain
Plant Brain FF9 model.png
Plant Brain's appearance in Final Fantasy IX
Puranto Burein
First appearance Final Fantasy IX (2000)

Plant Brain is a boss fought in the Evil Forest in Final Fantasy IX. It is a plant monster with a large, brown body and four arm appendages, each ending with a green tentacle. It has several green roots that stick into the ground. It has large magenta flower for a head.


As Zidane, Vivi, and Steiner search the Evil Forest for Princess Garnet, they find her imprisoned in a cave with Plant Brain. The party proceeds to fight Plant Brain in order to rescue Garnet. During the battle, once Plant Brain has had just over half of its HP depleted, Blink joins in to assist the party with the remainder of the battle. Once Plant Brain has been defeated, the Evil Forest begins to petrify, but the party (except Blink) manage to safely escape.


Plant Brain has four abilities: Right Tentacle, Left Tentacle, Thunder, and Pollen. Both of its tentacle attacks are essentially identical to Prison Cage's Left Stem and Right Stem attacks. Its Pollen attack can inflict Darkness and minor damage to the entire party. Plant Brain is weak to Fire-elemental attacks, so Vivi can deal a lot of damage to it using Fire.


Final Fantasy IX stats
HP MP Level EXP AP Gil
916 1,431 7 0 5 468
Weakness(es) Invulnerable to
Fire None
Steal item(s) Spoil(s) Tetra Master card Eat
Eye Drops, Iron Helm Potion, Phoenix Down None None