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Gulug Stone

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The Gulug Stone is a device capable of controlling magic that is found in Oeilvert in Final Fantasy IX. It is also a key item that is required to enter Mount Gulug. The Gulug Stone is triangular, and is made out of three smaller triangles.

At the Desert Palace, while Zidane is imprisoned in a small room, Kuja threatens him to obtain the Gulug Stone. This is because Oeilvert is protected by an anti-magic barrier, which prevents Kuja from being able to enter. Because he and the other party members' lives are being held hostage, Zidane reluctantly agrees to go on the mission, and recruits three other party members of his choice.

At Oeilvert, the party finds the Gulug Stone in a secluded room. It is guarded by Ark, whom the party must fight before they can obtain the Gulug Stone. Back at the Desert Palace, Kuja demands Zidane to give the Gulug Stone to him. Vivi tries to stop Zidane from doing so, but Kuja uses magic to take the Gulug Stone. He admits that his original plan was to finish off the party, but he decides to kidnap Eiko instead.