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Not to be confused with Helm, a basic type of Helmet.

Helmets are a type of headgear and armor in the Final Fantasy franchise. They make their debut appearance in the first Final Fantasy. They can be equipped by certain classes, especially those specialized in combat, such as Warriors and Paladins, to protect their head from some damage. Most types of helmets have the word "Helm" in their name.


Final Fantasy[edit]

In original releases of Final Fantasy, there are five helmets, although starting with the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls release, two more were added, Genji Helm and Crystal Helm (both obtainable in Whisperwind Cove), bringing the total up to seven helmets. Helmets can be equipped by Warrior, its upgraded form Knight, and Ninja. Three of the helmets can each be bought at a certain Armor Shop.

In the PlayStation Portable version's Bradygames guide, every headgear is erroneously listed under Helmets.[1]


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