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Leather Armor

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Leather Armor (かわよろい) is a type of armor in the Final Fantasy series. It first appears in Final Fantasy and, for the most part, appears in earlier Final Fantasy titles. Leather Armor is described as being made from hardened leather, although it is the weakest armor in most of its appearances.


Final Fantasy[edit]

In Final Fantasy, Leather Armor can be bought at Cornelia's and Pravoka's Armor Shop for 40 gil and sold for 20 gil. The Leather Armor can be used by Warrior, Monk, Thief, and Red Mage as well as their respective upgraded job classes: Knight, Master, Ninja, and Red Wizard.

In the original Nintendo Entertainment System version and the PlayStation remake's Hard Mode, it costs 50 gil to purchase Leather Armor and 25 gil to sell.

Final Fantasy II[edit]

In Final Fantasy II, Leather Armor is one of the starting equipment for Firion, Maria, Guy, and Josef. It can be equipped by any party member. Leather Armor can be bought at Gatrea's Weapon Shop for 100 gil and sold for 50 gil. Its stats are lower than in Final Fantasy.


  • Defense: 4
  • Weight: 8
  • Evasion: -8

  • Defense: 2
  • Weight: 6

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