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List of glitches in Final Fantasy

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These are the glitches found in Final Fantasy and its remakes.

Invisible woman[edit]

The Light Warriors talk to the invisible character in Coneria Castle

In the original NES version, one of the characters in Coneria Castle is invisible, due to a programming bug. The character is found on the first floor, in the top-left corner of the stairs. The Light Warriors can still talk to the character, who only says "The Princess was looking for you!". After the Light Warriors rescue Princess Sarah and obtain the lute from her, the invisible character instead says "You guys are the Light Warriors? The ones from the legend of the crystals?!".

Through hacking, it is revealed that the character is a blonde woman wearing a red dress. Her sprite is invisible because it was mistakenly programmed to only be visible if she were inside of a room. The bug was fixed in the MSX version of Final Fantasy.

Starting with the WonderSwan Color version, the invisible woman was entirely removed.

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