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Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding

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Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding
FFVII Snowboarding title screen.png
Title screen
Developer(s): Square Enix
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Platform(s): Mobile phones
Release date: United States March 29, 2005[1]
Genre: Sports
Game modes: Single player
Ratings: None

Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding is a snowboarding mobile game and a downgraded remake of the Snow Game from Final Fantasy VII. Unlike most Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding was first released in North America, in 2005, before Japan, which only had a release in 2008. The game is compatible with the LG VX8000, LG VX8100, Audiovox 8940 and Samsung A890 series of mobile phones.

Due to being a mini-game, Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding is not considered a part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII compilation. The gameplay is much like Snow Game, as the player controls Cloud Strife, whose objective is to snowboard down tracks while dodging snowmen (including those shaped like Moogles). Cloud can perform tricks off ramps and collect balloons. The Chocobo Theme is played throughout the game.

Ever since the Final Fantasy Mobile mobile app was discontinued, Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding can no longer be downloaded, and is considered to be a lost game.



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