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Dissidia Final Fantasy

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Dissidia Final Fantasy
This article is about the PlayStation Portable title. For the series of the same name, see Dissidia Final Fantasy (series). For the third Dissidia Final Fantasy game, which was ported from an arcade game of the same name, see Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.
Dissidia Final Fantasy
Dissidia Final Fantasy PSP cover.jpg
Front cover

ディシディア ファイナルファンタジー
Dishidia Fainaru Fantajī


Square Enix


Square Enix


PlayStation Portable

Release date:

Japan December 18, 2008
United States August 25, 2009
Australia September 3, 2009
Europe September 4, 2009
Universal Tuning:
Japan November 1, 2009


Action RPG, fighting


Single player, multiplayer


ESRB: Teen
PEGI: 12+

Dissidia Final Fantasy is a fighting game with action RPG elements for the PlayStation Portable. It was both developed and published by Square Enix as part of the Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary. The game was first released in 2008, but in other regions, it released in 2009. The same year, the game was re-released in Japan with the title Dissidia Final Fantasy: Universal Tuning, based on the international version of the game.

In 2011, a sequel to Dissidia Final Fantasy was released, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, also for PlayStation Portable. In 2018, another sequel was released, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, a PlayStation 4 title ported from the 2015 arcade game also titled Dissidia Final Fantasy. In 2017, the fourth Dissidia Final Fantasy title was released, Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, for iOS and Android platforms.

Dissidia Final Fantasy features characters and antagonists from the first twelve Final Fantasy titles. The game focuses on a great conflict between Cosmos, the goddess of harmony, and Chaos, the god of discord, who recruit heroes and villains from various Final Fantasy titles.

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