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Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend

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Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend
Collection of Saga FF Legend.jpg


Square Enix


Square Enix


Nintendo Switch

Release date:

Nintendo Switch: December 15, 2020 (worldwide)
iOS/Android: September 22, 2021 (worldwide)
Microsoft Windows (via Steam): October 21, 2021




Single player, multiplayer


ESRB: E10+

Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend is an anthology consisting of the three Game Boy games, The Final Fantasy Legend, Final Fantasy Legend II, and Final Fantasy Legend III, all of which are the first three installments of the SaGa series, although marketed as Final Fantasy titles in North America. Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend serves as an indirect follow-up to the Collection of Mana, and it was released for the Nintendo Switch worldwide on December 15, 2020, then for iOS and Android devices on September 22, 2021. The collection was ported to Microsoft Windows through the Steam game service a month later.

Like the original games, the compilation bears Final Fantasy Legend in its title but not its Japanese version, although SaGa is still listed in the English title of the compilation.