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Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch is a video game console developed and distributed by Nintendo. Originally released in 2017, the console is unique among major hardware manufacturers for being a hybrid console. The Switch has the ability to be a home console that hooks up to a big screen, then quickly transform into a tablet-like portable console. Many games, especially exclusives, were developed with both play styles in mind. Despite being weaker than the competition on a technical level and having several small issues that add up over time, the Switch is among the top selling consoles of all time and is still growing at an unprecedented rate.

Final Fantasy content is prominently featured in the crossover fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with Cloud Strife appearing as a fighter in the base game along with the Midgar stage, two music tracks, and two spirits. Sephiroth was later added as a downloadable fighter along with the Northern Cave stage, nine more music tracks, and several more spirits.

Several ports and re-releases of several classic Final Fantasy titles were made for the Nintendo Switch.