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Final Fantasy Legend II

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Final Fantasy Legend II
Final Fantasy Legend II box art.jpg
Game Boy cover

サ・ガ2 秘宝伝説
Sa・Ga2: Hihō Densetsu


Square Co., Ltd


Square Co., Ltd


Game Boy

Release date:

Japan December 14, 1990
United States November 1991[1]
United States 1998 (re-release)


Role-playing game


Single player



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Final Fantasy Legend II, originally released in Japan as Sa・Ga2: Hihō Densetsu (サ・ガ2 秘宝伝説, Sa・Ga2 ~ The Treasure Legend), is a role-playing video game for the Game Boy and the second game of the SaGa series. The game was originally released in December 1990 for Japanese audiences, but was translated and released in North America in November 1991 by Square America Co and again in 1998 by Sunsoft. The game is a sequel to The Final Fantasy Legend and would later receive a sequel, Final Fantasy Legend III.

Like the first game, the English version of Final Fantasy Legend II was re-branded as a Final Fantasy title for marketing purposes in North America. The game's development was headed by lead designer Akitoshi Kawazu, who had worked on the previous title, with a music staff consisting of Kenji Ito and Nobuo Uematsu.

In 2009, an enhanced remake of the game was released for the Nintendo DS, titled SaGa 2 Hihō Densetsu: Goddess of Destiny (サガ2秘宝伝説 GODDESS OF DESTINY, SaGa2 The Treasure Legend ~ Goddess of Destiny). It features three-dimensional graphics, added story elements, and an arranged soundtrack.

In December 2020, all three Final Fantasy Legend games were re-released for the Nintendo Switch compilation title, Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend.


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