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Blue Fang

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Blue Fangs (あおいきば Aoi Kiba?) are items that appear in a few Final Fantasy games, and they first appear in Final Fantasy IV. When used, a Blue Fang inflicts Lightning-elemental damage on its target.


Final Fantasy series[edit]

Final Fantasy IV[edit]

In Final Fantasy IV, a Blue Fang is first used in the opening sequence by Cecil to defeat a Zu who is attacking the Red Wings's airship.

In floor B3F of Sylvan Cave, there is a small room with six treasure chests, and the top-right one contains a Blue Fang which, like the other treasure chests, is guarded by six Evil Dreamers.

In the Super Nintendo version, the item is named Lit-Bolt, presumably short for "lightning bolt." In the PlayStation version, it is named LitStorm, possibly a shortening of "lightning storm."

Ways to obtain a Blue Fang
Treasure chests: Sylvan Cave (B3F)
Enemies: Green Dragon*, Yellow Dragon*, Gold Dragon, Storm Anima, Clockwork Soldier, Lesser Marilith
* - Can also be stolen by Edge using the Steal command

Final Fantasy remakes[edit]

In Final Fantasy, starting with the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls remake, Blue Fangs are found in treasure chests in a few of the Souls of Chaos dungeons. During a battle, a Blue Fang is used to cast Thundara without having to use any magic points.

Ways to obtain a Blue Fang
Treasure chests: Hellfire Chasm (B2), Lifespring Grotto (B6, B13), Whisperwind Cove (B1, B18, B19, B35)
Other: One of the items won by finishing third place in the 15 Puzzle.

Dissidia Final Fantasy series[edit]

Dissidia Final Fantasy[edit]

In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Blue Fang was repurposed as one of the Warrior of Light's ground Bravery Attacks. Unlike the main series, using Blue Fang causes chunks of ice to slowly descend onto the opponent. If the move is equipped, it can be used by pressing the Circle button.

Level Command Points Ability Points
19 20 (10 after mastery) 120

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[edit]

In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Blue Fang returns as a Bravery Attack of the Warrior of Light. This time, it was made available to him from the start.

Level Command Points Ability Points
1 30 (15 after mastery) 90
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