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Larva FF4 PSP sprite.png
PlayStation Portable sprite
First appearance Final Fantasy IV (1991)
Other names Insectus
Related characters and species

Larvae are black, caterpillar-like enemies which appear in Final Fantasy IV and its sequels.


Final Fantasy IV[edit]

In Final Fantasy IV, Larvae are only encountered in Mist Cave. As basic enemies, Larvae can be quickly defeated from a few physical attacks. In early releases, Larvae do not have any unique abilities. In the 3D remake, they can use Slow as an attack, and are vulnerable to Ice attacks. In the PlayStation Portable version, if a character tries to perform magic on Larva, it counters with Osmose.

In Final Fantasy IV Advance, they are named Insectus, which is a transliteration of their Japanese name. In the 3D remake and subsequent reissues, their name was reverted back to Larva.


Final Fantasy IV stats
HP Strength Defense Magic Magic Defense Gil EXP Type Treasure
28 20 1 0 4 8 49 None Potion, Hi-Potion
Weakness Resistance Absorbs
None Pig, Mini, Toad None
Final Fantasy IV (3D) stats
Level HP Exp Gil Strength Stamina Speed Intellect Spirit
10 25 50 4 7 7 6 3 7
Attack Accuracy Defense Evasion Magic Defense Magic Evasion
5 95 15 5 7 5
Weakness Resistance Absorbs Steal Drops
Ice None None Potion (60% chance) Potion (20% chance), Hi-Potion (5% chance)
Susceptible to
Paralyze, Sleep, Confuse, Petrify, Toad, Silence, Mini, Blind, Poison, Death, Critical, Gradual Petrify, Pig, Curse, Berserk, Slow, Stop, Sap

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