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Devil Crab

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Devil Crab
Devil Crab FF5 GBA sprite.png
Final Fantasy V Advance sprite
First appearance Final Fantasy V
Species Crab
Other names Diablo
Related characters and species

Devil Crabs' are red crab enemies that appear in Final Fantasy V. They are only found in the Pirates' Hideout. Devil Crabs have a stronger, green variant named Acrophies. In the PlayStation release, they are named Diablo. Devil Crabs are weak to ice-based attacks.


Final Fantasy V stats
Level HP MP Strength Defense Evasion Magic Magic Defense Gil EXP Type
3 16 0 4 3 0 0 5 20 7 None
Steal Drops
Potion Nothing
Immune to Weakness Absorbs Immunity
None Ice None Mini


Final Fantasy V
Steel Bat | Devil Crab (#003) | Stroper