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Bartz Klauser

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Bartz Klauser

Job class Freelancer
Gender Male

Bartz Klauser (バッツ・クラウザー, Battsu Kurauzā) is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy V. He is a 20 year-old wanderer with a fear of heights, and becomes entangled in the quest to protect the Crystals when he helps Princess Lenna and Galuf escape a goblin-filled area on their way to the Wind Shrine. Bartz is connected to the element of Wind.

General information[edit]

Shibuya's design of Bartz.

Bartz's design is drastically different between Kazuko Shibuya and Yoshitaka Amano's depictions of the character. Shibuya's has short brown hair and blue eyes, and wears green boots, tan slacks and undershirt, with a blue tunic with yellow trimmings over it.

Game appearances[edit]

Final Fantasy V[edit]

Bartz was born in the small town of Lix to Dorgann Klauser, one of the Warriors of Dawn from the second world, and a local woman named Stella (her maiden name is unknown). Stella died of an unknown illness when Bartz was three (she said that she had been suffering from spasms, and collapsed after walking offscreen), leaving him to be raised by his father. Dorgann died when Bartz was seventeen, and it is implied from his dying wish to be buried in the village he finally settled in, with his wife. His parting advice to his son was to wander the world.

Three years later, Bartz is traveling in the Tycoon area when he rescues a young woman being attacked by goblins. She thanks him and tells him that she is looking for her father at the Wind Shrine. Not long afterwards, a meteor crashes and an amnesiatic old man emerges. He and Lenna decide to travel to the Wind Shrine together, but Bartz decides to continue his wanderings. His chocobo stops him, however, and he goes back to help the pair fight off goblins again. It is at that point that Bartz decides that his father would have wanted him to find out what was happening to the Crystals, and joins Lenna and Galuf.

From there, Bartz travels with the party, which is later augmented by the pirate Faris. It seems unclear as to why he is the apparent leader (or at least the character present on the world map) of the group until he beats Kelger's Lupine Attack, something that his father, Dorgann, had taught him. It is revealed to him then that his father was one of the Warriors of Dawn, though he had never told his son (however, a young Bartz overheard his parents talking, with his father asking Stella to promise not to tell Bartz about what he did to protect the Crystals). Bartz's direct descendant became one of the new Warriors of Dawn 200 years later.

Other appearances[edit]

Bartz is the hero representing Final Fantasy V in Dissidia Final Fantasy. He is voiced by Sōichirō Hoshi in the Japanese version and Jason Spisak in the English version.

In Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Bartz is a character representing Final Fantasy V.


Final Fantasy V Advance[edit]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[edit]


  • In the original 1992 release of the game, the official Japanese guides romanized his name as Butz.
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