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Kupo Nut

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Moguta asks Zidane for a Kupo Nut in Final Fantasy IX

Kupo Nuts, also formatted as Kupo nuts, are a type of food that Moogles enjoy eating. They first appear in Final Fantasy VII, but make their main appearance in Final Fantasy IX.


Final Fantasy VII[edit]

In Final Fantasy VII, Kupo nuts are only used in the Mog House minigame. The objective is to feed a certain number to Mog so that he can fly, specifically a total of five Kupo nuts. If Mog is fed too many, he falls while attempting to fly, and if Mog is fed too little, he is unsuccessful at taking off. The player can tell how many Kupo nuts to feed Mog by judging his reactions. If Mog needs another nut, his tummy rumbles. After being fed the right amount, Mog makes a unique squeaking noise, takes off successfully, and meets a female Moogle named Mag. Mog can be fed three more Kupo nuts so that he can fly again to impress Mag.

Final Fantasy IX[edit]

In Final Fantasy IX, Kupo Nuts are key items which are obtained on several occasions. The first Kupo Nut is obtained by Vivi during an Active Time Event in which he receives the first Kupo Nut from Alice at the Lindblum Item Shop. Alice tells Vivi that Kupo Nuts are a favorite food of Moogles.

In a later part of their journey, the party can go to Gizamaluke's Grotto and give Kupo Nuts to Moguta individually in exchange for a restorative item. If the party delivers a letter through Mognet and does not have any Kupo Nuts, the Moogle recipient gives one to them. There are a few instances in which the party receives a unique item from Moguta, such as an Aloha Shirt for the first Kupo Nut that they give to her after acquiring the Invincible.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Noix de kupo Kupo Nut