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Shinra Biker

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An Orange Biker (top) and a Red Biker (bottom)
An Orange Biker (top) and a Red Biker (bottom)
An Orange Biker (top) and a Red Biker (bottom)

Shinra Bikers[1] are Shinra soldiers who ride motorcycles. Cloud fights them on Midgar Highway during the party's escape from Midgar in Final Fantasy VII. Shinra Bikers are also enemies in the Gold Saucer's G-Bike arcade game, which is simply a replay of the Midgar Highway events without the story elements.

There are two types of Shinra Bikers, Orange Bikers[1] and Red Bikers,[1] both of whom are named after their motorcycle color. Cloud must slash his Buster Sword at the Shinra Bikers to prevent them from crashing into the truck, which the other party members are in. Whenever a Shinra Biker crashes into the truck, a party member inside of it takes damage. The Red Bikers are slightly different from Orange Bikers in that they are cautious with their movements, and even try to divert Cloud away from the truck so that it is open for other Shinra Bikers to attack.


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