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Chocobo breeding

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Chocobo breeding is a recurring feature that involves the party breeding and raising chocobos, usually as steed. It first appears in Final Fantasy VII.

Besides the standard yellow chocobos, the game features four special kinds. Green chocobos are able to traverse mountains, blue chocobos walk across shallow bodies of water, black chocobos have both abilities, and golden chocobos can also traverse the seas. Each kind makes a hidden Materia Cave accessible, and the golden chocobo is the only way to access the final and most powerful summon of the game, "Knights of the Round". Chocobos of colors other than yellow must be bred in the chocobo stables.

When breeding two yellow chocobos, a "good" and "great" of the opposite genders, a baby green or blue chocobo of either gender may be created (two "great" chocobos may also be used, generally resulting in a chocobo that is better at racing than if a "good" and "great" are mated). By breeding a green and blue chocobo of opposite genders, a black chocobo can be created. The elusive gold chocobo may be created by breeding a "wonderful" yellow and a black chocobo. Factors that influence the type of baby that any two chocobos may produce are the parent's rankings in the Chocobo Races, the colors of the parents, the type of food given to the chocobos, and the type of nut given to them when they are mated.

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