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Final Fantasy XVI

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Final Fantasy XVI
Final Fantasy XVI
Final Fantasy XVI logo.png

Fainaru Fantajī Shikkusuthi-nn


Square Enix
Business Unit III


Square Enix


PlayStation 5

Release date:

June 22, 2023


Action RPG


Single player


ESRB: Mature (M)
PEGI: 18
USK: 16

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Final Fantasy XVI is an action role-playing game and the sixteenth mainline installment of the Final Fantasy series, released worldwide on June 22, 2023 as a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 5.

As tensions between the six nations of Valisthea escalate among the outbreak of a disease called the Blight, the knight errant Clive Rosfield seeks revenge for the death of his brother.



Final Fantasy XVI is set in Valisthea: a world that spans six nations across the continents Ash and Storm, formed from the ruins of a war-torn ancient civilization 1500 years, known as the Fallen before the game's events.

In the plot of Final Fantasy XVI, Valisthea is going through the outbreak of the Blight, an aether-depleting phenomenon that eventually causes conflict among its nations. Important to the nations and the military are Dominants, humans who can use magic without the need for crystals and summon the Eikons, and are treated with varying degrees of respect depending on the nation.


  • Final Fantasy XVI is the first mainline Final Fantasy to receive a mature rating.
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