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Excalipoor is a very weak sword that imitates the Excalibur sword. It first appeared in Final Fantasy V. Excalipoor always deals 1 HP of damage. There is a recurring gag where Gilgamesh ends up with an Excalipoor, mistaking it for Excalibur.


Final Fantasy series[edit]

Final Fantasy V[edit]

In Final Fantasy V, Gilgamesh wields Excalipoor during the fifth boss fight against him, believing it to be Excalibur. The party can obtain Excalipoor by defeating Gilgamesh. Excalipoor ironically has an unusually high attack power (although additional formula is used to reduce its damage to 1). Despite this, Excalipoor can deal heavy damage by using the Goblin Punch ability, which has a formula different than Attack, but is based on a character's attack power. This method does not work in the iOS, Android, and Steam releases. Excalipoor can also deal massive damage, usually at 9,999, if a character throws it at an enemy.

Final Fantasy VIII[edit]

In Final Fantasy VIII, Gilgamesh once again wields Excalipoor. It can only be used randomly since Gilgamesh is a Guardian Force.

Final Fantasy Tactics[edit]

In Final Fantasy Tactics, it is named Excalipar. It is still described as being an imitation of Excalibur, although it has been noted to be of a unique craftsmanship.

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