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Malboro Masher

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Gameplay screenshot
"Tap the malboros before they unleash their stinky breath, but avoid the bombs at any cost!"
—In-game description

Malboro Masher is a microgame in Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales that is centered around malboros. In Story Mode, the microgame can be played within the forest, if Chocobo interacts with malboros just after entering the forest. The game depicts a forest background, with trees in the background and several plants in the foreground.


The gameplay is done from the bottom screen, while the top screen shows the game's logo. The bottom screen shows a white 3x3 grid, and either a malboro or a bomb pops in and out of a square. When a malboro comes into view, it starts to breathe out its toxic breath. The player must immediately tap any malboro once it appears onscreen but avoid tapping the bombs.

As the microgame progresses, more bombs and malboros come into view, and they move faster. This means that the player is more likely to make a mistake. If the player makes one mistake, either by touching a bomb or not tapping a malboro on time, the microgame ends. In the latter instance, the malboro's toxic breath covers most of the bottom screen.

Rewards (Story Mode)[edit]

Rank Criteria Pop-up card
Silver If at least 80 Malboros are tapped 011. Bomb - Explode
Gold If at least 130 Malboros are tapped 012. Bomb - Explode+