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Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales artwork

Shirma, sometimes spelled Shiroma, is a young White Mage who primarily appears in the Chocobo series as one of the main supporting characters. She also appears in Mario Hoops 3-on-3 and Mario Sports Mix where she is generically named White Mage in English versions, but the Japanese version and internal filenames call her Shiroma.


Mario franchise[edit]

Mario Hoops 3-on-3[edit]

In Mario Hoops 3-on-3, White Mage can be unlocked by getting a Silver Trophy in the Rainbow Tourney on Normal difficulty. She is a technical character like Daisy and Peach, with great speed, but low power. Her special shot is the Holy Shot, which is based on Holy. The shot is unique in physical characteristics: while inside the 3-point line, her shot moves the ball upside, and after a flash, it falls in the hoop. However, while outside the 3-point line, her shot moves the ball into a blue trail, and a member of her team aids to dunk the ball. As seen in the Rainbow Cup, her default partners are Black Mage and Ninja, also from the Final Fantasy series.

Mario Sports Mix[edit]

White Mage returns in Mario Sports Mix, retaining her outfit from Mario Hoops 3-on-3. Her best stat is technique, while having average speed, and fairly low power. The White Mage, along with Ninja, have the highest stat total among all the playable characters. Once again, her default partners are Ninja and Black Mage. She can be unlocked by clearing the Star Road twice. An alternate method is to complete a certain mission on the Mushroom Cup. She can also be unlocked with 4 Flower Cup wins and a Star Cup victory.

The White Mage's special shot is unique in that her aiming cursor is different. In Basketball and Hockey, the White Mage summons a ray of light, which briefly knocks out anyone in its path, and then she aims for the goal. In Volleyball, the volleyball lands at a random spot; the landing cursor first covers the whole field, and then shrinks to the target position. In Dodgeball, opposing players caught in the ray of light lose some of their HP.

In Basketball, the White Mage is a moderately fast dunker, and her layup move involves using white magic to send the basketball into the hoop. She can also add a curve to her long range shots. In Volleyball, the White Mage can give her fully charged shots an added curve, but they move slowly. She can also block volleyball shots by creating a barrier over the net. In Volleyball and Dodgeball, White Mage uses white magic circles to catch the ball. In Volleyball she can use a veil to block the ball. In Dodgeball, the White Mage can repel dodgeball attacks by creating a barrier in front of her. However, the barrier is rendered useless if the dodgeball hits the White Mage from behind, or if the dodgeball is equipped with an item. When trying to save the ball after hitting a character, she summons a circle that resembles her aiming cursor to bring the ball to her. In Hockey, White Mage can use light magic to attack opponents. Her attacks have far range, which can give her an advantage in attacking. Since she has good technique, she can score with ease by using far away shots or using combos.

Physical description[edit]

In the Mario sports titles, Shirma is a woman that is the same height as Princess Peach, but with a thinner build. She has green eyes and her hair is short, colored pink, and has a large bang which obscures her right eye, much like Rosalina's. In the Mario sports games, she appears wearing a small dress with the red triangle pattern that is characteristic of White Mages. Her hood is down, and she wears a silver tiara with a red jewel at the center, a red necklace, light blue earrings and red high heels.

Winning a silver trophy in the the Rainbow Tourney on the Hard difficulty in Mario Hoops 3-on-3 unlocks an alternate costume for White Mage, changing her hair color to purple, and darkens the red parts of her skirt and shoes.

In Mario Sports Mix, an alternate outfit for White Mage can also be unlocked by clearing a certain mission on the Flower Cup, clearing the Star Road five times, or by using the White Mage twenty times. This alternate outfit changes her shoes and dress to white with a red brooch, light green earrings, and white stockings. Her hair also turns white and her irises are colored red, which are both traits of albinism.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Mario Hoops 3-on-3[edit]

  • Baller Name: The Light
  • Type: Technical
  • Special Shot: Holy Shot
  • Letter to Tap:

Mario Sports Mix[edit]

Character Name Character Type Home Court Power Statistic Speed Statistic Technique Statistic
White Mage Technical Star Ship 2/5 3/5 5/5

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シロマ
From 白 Shiro (white) and 魔 Ma (shortening of "mage" or "magic"), a shortened form of the White Mage's proper Japanese name, Shiro Madoushi


  • In Mario Sports Mix, there are some occasions in which the White Mage's tiara is invisible. This usually happens when she is not close to the camera. This is due to the game loading lower poly versions of the models when they are farther from the camera. While the higher poly version of the tiara is has both back and front sides modeled, the lower versions lack the back of it.[citation needed]
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